lunes, 27 de octubre de 2014

Collaboration: Portrait of a Contemporary Artist, by Win Khant Maung.

Collaboration: Portrait of a Contemporary Artist

By Win Khant Maung:
Aung Myat Htay is a contemporary artist resided in Yangon, Myanmar (Burma). He started his career as a painter and later became a contemporary artist. In July, 2014, I had a chance to meet him while he was in New York City on a research program from ACC with an introduction from our mutual friend, The Maw Naing. Getting to know an artist like him & his works is really inspiring & we decided to make a short documentary-ish video about him.
I would like to thank Ko Aung Myat Htay for his precious time & sharing of his works as well as my super crew members, Oliver & Stjepan (J is like an I) for their great efforts in this one day of production.

Produced, Directed & Edited - Win Khant Maung
Director of Photography - Óliver Olivo Batista
Co-Produced with Stjepan Ostoic Papic
On Vimeo:

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